Titus’ First Birthday and Smash Cake!

So blessed to be apart of this amazing party with the Harrold’s. Titus is ADORABLE!
Definitely one of the most adorable babies ever. We were asked to video and photograph Titus’ first birthday. Please check out more of our work if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Here are also a few high resolution photos from the party. Later on this week I will be sharing some experiences I’ve had with family photography in the bay area and who I’ve watched to get better at it. Thanks for checking us out!



I can never get enough of images like these. Sometimes the most important thing to do in photography is just stopping for a moment and looking around to see whats happening before bring the camera to your face. Once you are comfortable with settings and composition, photos like these are easier to capture as they only last for a moment.


Probably my favorite image from the whole day. I can’t wait to do more Smash Cake parties.


Such a gorgeous family. These events and moments remind me why we love family photography and video so much.