Our Homeroom Mac and Cheese Application

Hey Guys! Sorry for the overdue posts! This past month has been exciting with multiple weddings, dance shoots, portraits and more! But today we give you something a little special and a little unconventional. This is our Homeroom Mac and Cheese Food Photography Application! Late last night as we were shopping for ways to get healthy and burn off this wedding weight, a good friend of ours told us that Homeroom was looking for a talented photographer to help them update their photos and such. Needless to say we jumped at the opportunity. In secret, we have been planning on specializing in food photography for quite some time now. We have been in cahoots with a few different chefs in the area but haven’t launched that venture yet. So we figured, why not shoot one of their amazing recipes tonight to show we can shoot food and also make ourselves even fatter? DEAL!


Obliviously, we’re not chefs. Jessica can cook like a champ but when it comes to making something that’s tasty AND looks good, we’re a little out of luck. That being said, we also have a limited kitchen that isn’t the prettiest.


I will admit, we were a little over ambitious. Not only did we want to photograph the glorious end product but we wanted to journal the experience the best we could. I figured even though we we’re trying to work with a company that we would be photographing the prepared meals for, I wanted to leave the door open (and also get some practice) if we ever had the opportunity to work with a form of media that would have us capture food from a more journalistic approach.




For the whole process we used the Tamron 70-200mm 2.8 macro, 50mm 1.8 and a 35mm 2.0. Being the short notice, we also had very limited lighting available so we used bounce flash on either of our d800 cameras, a constant light, and even made a makeshift mini studio for the final shot. We didn’t have any left over foam board but we did have left over prints from our art show so… voila!





Looking good yet? If you can’t tell by now, we are attempting Homeroom’s Smoked Mac n Cheese with Bacon recipe. I myself have never made mac n cheese but I figured if we were going to prepare any sort of food to show we are adequate to shoot for them, might as well be their own art (which of course we can’t make it nearly as well as them.)




Now don’t that look good. The burnt pieces were all my fault.




Amazing what a simple flash can do. It’s hard to make pasta look bad though.





And there you go folks, our own rendition of the Homeroom Smoked Mac n Cheese with Bacon. I’m sure you can guess it tasted pretty darn good and hopefully you (and Homeroom) likes the way it looks too. Cya later!